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    Laurie Anderson - O Superman (for Massenet) (1982)
    Laurie Anderson
    from: ”Big Science”

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    i love being pretentious i LOVE being pretentious. love it

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    80’s cyberpunk is way better than the boring colourless minimalism we’ve got going on now lbr……. minimalism is so sterile and attempts to disconnect from everything sociopolitical in a way that makes it seem “above” that but it’s really just silent to it and in its silence is complicit. stop minimalism bring back cyberpunk

    did you just argue that the new pepsi logo is an effort to avoid sociopolitical commentary

    *slams a vhs into the slot* discourse

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    Secret Messaging service found in Google Translate

    Security researchers have discovered that strange variations of latin words from the Cicero ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text translate into totally unexpected sentences using Google Translate. Google have now hard-coded the algorithm NOT to translate the words Lorem and Ipsum, but from my tests you can still create secret messages using other Latin words. Suspiciously a lot of the variations produce sentences with the words - China, Russia, Network, NATO, and so on. Since Google translation algorithms learn autonomously through Machine Learning the researchers believe that someone has gamed the system to make it learn this instead. I guess they may have done this by surreptitiously feeding Google with latin/secret language texts. 

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  6. i don’t know why this is on worst-tattoo-ever, this is incredible, a masterpiece

    i don’t know why this is on worst-tattoo-ever, this is incredible, a masterpiece

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  7. riseofthecommonwoodpile:

    the police in ferguson have repeatedly, purposefully, and knowingly told lies throughout this entire ordeal, lies which have been shot down continually by large numbers of sources providing direct proof that these are malicious and obvious lies, and still the majority of the American public is never going to hear about a single one of those and Darren Wilson will almost certainly not be brought to any kind of justice for his blatant murder of an unarmed black kid. If that’s not proof that the system is irreparably broken what more could you possibly be asking for? The police have rights with no responsibility. The police are a terrorist organization that the American government and media has no interest in holding accountable for their crimes.

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